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Digipack Research Post 5


The Family Jewels – Marina & the Diamonds

The Front cover of this digipack follows the stereotype for the electropop genre as it features an image of the artist herself with a slightly vintage style carpet acting as the backdrop/background for the image. The text on this digipack however, does not follow the theme set by other digipacks of this genre as it does not display the album name and artist in a very bold and uniform way, it instead displays it in more of a handwriting-esque font which makes the image appear more casual and informal. The test is laid out in a way that it does not disrupt the image of the artist, however it does appear to follow the outline of her face, causing her to stand out and drawing the consumers attention to her more so than the rest of the image.largeimg.jpg

The back of this digipack displays an extremely similar theme to the front, with an image of the artist and song list written in the same font as the album name and artist on the front cover. However, in this image the text is clearly following the curve of her head/face and creates a very interesting and engaging appearance, this again does not follow the stereotype as most other digipacks that I have looked at for this genre display their songs in a very uniform way.

Digipack Research Post 4


Lorde – Pure Heroin

This digipack cover is extremely simplistic in both it’s design and colour scheme, however this allows for the album itself to look extremely professional and the absence of images allows for the consumer to focus their attention purely on the artist and the music. The Black and white colour scheme gives the digipack a more serious and bold appearance which draws in the attention of consumers and makes them want to buy this album, this digipack does not follow the stereotype of that of this genre as most electropop artists usually feature interesting or relevant images on the covers of their albums in order to convey a message or theme that is related to the music within the album.


The back of this digipack is also laid out in a very simplistic yet powerful way as the block capital, white text stands out against the black background. The song list is laid out in the centre of the image beneath an emblem or logo of some kind, this gives it a very symbolic and powerful appearance as the consumers eyes are drawn to follow down the list of songs. All barcodes and information are laid out at the bottom of the digipack in a uniform order which again allows it to have a very organised appearance.

Digipack Research Post 3


Halsey – Badlands

This Digipack displays a brightly coloured image with a warm-tinted filter over it, this allows consumers to see what genre the album is as this colour scheme is stereotypically used for music of the electropop genre. The name of this album and Artist name is written in a plain, white font in capitals across the centre of the image which also happens to be directly over the subject’s face giving it an almost anonymous feeling to it. The disk itself is a light shade of pink with the name of the artist and the name of the album (Badlands) written on it in the same white font as the front of the digipack, this is effective because the pink of the disk matches the pink of the girl’s clothes on the front of the digipack, giving the whole design a set colour scheme that fits into the stereotypical colour scheme of this genre.

Digipack Research Post 2


The design of this digipack is very simple but still very effective, while the patterns within the circles are all random and unsystematic the rest of the digipack design is layed out in a very uniform and exact way. The colour scheme used in the design of the digipack is also interesting as it corresponds to the bands general aesthetic as they are well known for wearing articles of red/black clothing throughout their performances. On the back of the case, the song list is laid out in a uniform way, arranged nicely alongside the barcodes and information. The disk itself also goes well with the band’s aesthetic as it displays the band’s logo on a plain black background with a red, white and black colour scheme.

Digipack Research Post 1


I chose to look at this digipack as I think that it’s simplicity gives it a very attractive and professional appearance to it. The use of the monochrome colour scheme makes it appear more serious and formal, with the central image on a white background giving it a very minimalist appearance. The text used also gives it a very formal appearance with the block capital and evenly spaced letters used for the title of the album whereas the band name is written in their regular font, which allows consumers to recognise the musician’s brand. The image of the mirror displaying what appears to be a TV static/interference relates to the name of the album “white noise” as well as a song within the album called “mirrors”.41SCL29M--L.jpg

The back of the CD case displays the songlist in a very simple font with a larger, faded set of text over it which appears to be disjointed, this works well in addition to the interference within the mirror and gives the digipack a more interesting and abstract feel.