Target Audience Interview

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Digipack recreation practice


Here is the Original Digipack for PVRIS’ album ‘White noise’, it features a handheld mirror displaying static on a white background with simple text along the bottom of the digipack.


Here is a similar remake of the album cover that I made on photoshop in order gauge how simple it would be to make an album cover that was similar/suitable for this band.Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 22.58.21.png

Website Research Post 4

In their website, PVRIS displays a very monochrome colour scheme which corresponds to the colour schemes used in the majority of their albums. The font that is used on their website is simple and also corresponds to the font that is used within their digipacks. At the header of their website, they display the band name written in the well-known font that it is always written in, forming a kind of logo.

As you scroll down, you are taken through the bands music and music video links as well as their merchandise store, tour information and information about upcoming music releases. This can all also be accessed by a panel along the top of their website for easy and direct access and social media links can be found along the bottom of the webpage along with the option to sign up for email updates on the band’s activity.


Website Research post 3

Paramore’s website also followed the idea of using the same colour schemes in their website as were used in their latest album, displaying a colour scheme of white with pastel pinks/oranges. The header of their website just displays the band’s name written in the same font that they use in their logo and on album covers.

As you scroll down, you are taken to the band’s merchandise shop, however you are able to access information about the band, music, merchandise, accessories and new arrivals song the top of the page. On the main opening page of the website you are able to access the band’s social media pages, links to their new albums/singles and tour information.


Website Research post 2

Twenty One Pilots’ website also exhibited a simple colour scheme of red white and black (as these colours correspond to the colour scheme used in their digipacks and music videos). At the header of their website they featured a gif of a blinking animated eye with the logo of the band replacing the pupil of the eye, this works well on their website as it matches their general mysterious and bizarre appearance as performers.

As you scroll down, you are taken to the band’s merchandise store and are able to sign up for updates on the bands activity via email, links to the band’s social media pages are also provided at the bottom of the webpage. Along the top of their website, there are links provided to information pages about the band itself and links to their two current albums.

Website Research post 1

Halseys website displayed a basic colour scheme of black and white with simple text over a plain background. The same image that is featured on her latest album being used as the Header for the website and as you scroll down you are shown lyrics from her songs and a gallery of images taken at her live performances.

Along the top of her website, you are able to view her biography, music, tour information, music videos, merchandise store and contact information as well as links to her individual social media pages.